Oili Jalonen

Our company was founded in 1969 and we operate in southern Finland.

In addition to car recycling, we also sell new and used automotive spare parts to consumers and businesses all over Finland. Our clientele includes some of the largest car dealerships, used car dealerships and automotive repair shops/chains in Finland.

One of the cornerstones of our continuous growth has been our unswerving desire to serve our customers reliably, quickly and with the highest quality. One of key goals is to be a service provider that meets the customer’s every spare part need, also in the future. As used spare parts in good condition are not widely available in Finland, suppliers of new and remanufactured spare parts are needed to support sales.

Although we purchase body parts from Europe’s largest wholesalers, we seek suppliers primarily for technical parts in order to achieve growth and improve our service. There is particular demand for engines, automatic and manual transmissions, differential gears, steering gears and turbochargers, just to name a few.

We have an extensive customer network that covers all of Finland and a professional staff, thus allowing us to serve a large number of corporate and private customers.

We give full consideration to sustainable development and the environment in every aspect of our operations.